And I then became exquisitely aware of the Stillness — around, within, underneath everything. It was a Stillness so profound that all that is seemed to be originating from and contained in it.

I felt it most intensely at a locus in the center of my chest, and it radiated outward, filling my entire being and moving beyond. But it also undergirded and surrounded me and everything else.

The Stillness was not a Negative or an Absence, but neither do the opposite terms seem at all apt. It simply Was (Is). It seemed the basis, the grounding, the totality of all that is. To describe it as a person is to limit and trivialise it. And to call it “it” is not at all accurate either, for what I experienced was no-thing.

What I do know is that I experienced an absolute wholeness, integrity, serenity, and union with everything, a union that cannot be expressed in language.

My intuitive reaction was “This is It!”, “This is What Is!” without in any way being able or feeling it necessary to articulate conceptually what I was experiencing, what “It” was.

From Stillness by Bruce K Nagle. To read the complete article, >Click Here.

Suddenly Seeing Stillness Is All

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