Q) Enlightenment, as I understand it, seems to conflict with my religious up-bringing. Does that mean I can’t be Enlightened?

A) No. Enlightenment in itself is purely Self-Realization. If this is indeed in conflict with your religion, then there is something wrong. It is possible some of the stories and insights from Enlightened people may seem to contradict some of the Religious ideas, with their traditions
handed down through Millennia, but whether we look at Christianity with the sayings Be still and know that I am God, and I and my Father are One, or Buddhism which is actually based around the teachings of an Enlightened person, or even much of the Baghavad Gita (as I recall); all refer to realising of the truth within one’s self.

Religion comes from the Latin word, ligare, meaning to bind back. To me that means to reconnect with our Source.

It is often the traditions which seem contradictory, not the original teaching. So you should have no trouble practicing being aware when you continue to learn about your religion. As you do so, you are likely to see truths in it you never saw before, while seeing where some of the truths end and the traditions begin.

By Nick Roach

Enlightenment and Religion

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